It’s the period of the simultaneous existence of several styles in the fashion industry and the decade when the subcultures of hippies, punks and bohemian chic style followers emerged. Fashion in the 1970s continued some of the 1960s trends such as bell bottom pants, bright and bold colors, and geometric patterns. The early 70’s bell bottoms gave way to less exaggerated flare legged pants, then to straight legs by the end of the decade. Women wore pants which became common business attire for women, and were paired with button down shirts with large, pointy collars, and masculine jackets. High waisted pants were also a trend in the 1970s and have made an appearance in todays fashion.


The 1970s were not a golden age for automobiles. The companies did not have money to invest in new models, or  have enough money to launch new models properly throughout the 1970s. The 70s were the peak of the van customization trend that is why the back of the cars look spacious and have another window.


Interior Design in the 1970s include a open floor plan, shag carpet, and geometric shapes and patterns. Another idea was to bring nature inside of your homes which means including plants and other nature items.


Color Palette



Two well known actors of the 1970s include Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone. Al Pacino played in The God Father and Sylvester Stallone played in Rocky.


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