In the 1940’s, fabric restriction was placed due to war which caused fashion to be simple. Women still remained fashionable and attractive with suits and dresses. Women started wearing shoulder pads to look more masculine and resemble the roles they now take over since their husbands are at war. Women also started wearing dresses that are knee length. The dresses couldn’t be made longer because they had fabric restrictions. Shoes were not made out of leather because leather was need for war. Instead, shoes were made out of skins and mesh.


Cars in the 1940s were similar to the 1930s. They were clean and sleek but made out of cast-iron and steel. Materials like aluminum and copper were restricted because they were needed for war.


1940s interior design had a mix of modern, traditional and art deco. Women tried to decorate their homes traditionally so when soldiers came home they felt welcomed. The traditional home was achieved by having furniture out of wood. In the first picture, you can also see a hollywood regency influence.

Color palette



Ingrid Bergman and Clark Garble

Two very know actress from the 1940s.


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