Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion in the 1950s reflected their feelings towards World war 2. Women started wearing pants and suits to show their power and status in society. In the 1950s there was an economic boom therefore clothing and style became important and women’s clothing had excess material that could be used to make poofy petticoats, collars and suits. Women’s fashion was meant to please others like their husband more than to express their individuality.

Men’s Fashion

There wasn’t much change in men’s fashion in the 1950s. Business attire, suits and slacks were still a common choice in style. Workers and labors usually wore military clothing because majority of men served in the army.


Car production stopped during the late 1940s due to world war 2. In the early 1950s car designs are very much the same but in the late 1950s the American dream was to have a sports car. Everyone wanted to live lavish with a sports car and a white picket fence.

Interior Design 

Interior design in the 1950s can be compared to designs of today. The idea of painting walls different colors. The design became light and bright rather than traditional. Furniture went from comfortable and traditional to brighter and stylish pieces.
Color palette

Some color trends in the 1950s included pastel, modern and Scandinavian.



Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley



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