1930s Hollywood Regency

Women Fashion

In the 1930s, women started wearing form fitted dresses that flowed at the bottom. Women started wearing gloves and wore short hair. Women started also wearing shoulder pads. Having broad shoulders were a trend for both men and women. The women wanted to look tall and with a small waist. They also wanted to put emphasis on their hips.



Car designs became more advanced and more luxurious in the 1930s. Cars are more round and sleek and advanced in technology. Cars now included radios and heaters and could travel faster. Cars in the 1930s became more like the cars we see today.

Interior design

In the 1930s, the Great Depression has starting to hit homes. Art Deco became accessible to middle class homes, the idea that anything touched should be made beautiful. Deco had become a “modern” trend which included geometrical shapes like the flooring in many homes.



Shirley Temple was a famous actress in the 1930s. Shirley Temple was a triple threat meaning she could sing, dance and act at the young age of 5. Children looked up to her as the ideal image of beauty.

Color Palette




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